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Super Blood Hockey – Review

by Matthew Wrightson
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Super Blood Hockey pays homage to the classic 8 bit & 16-bit love affair that I had with the video games of my childhood, where I would spend hours plays games like NHL, the big difference here is that this is high action gameplay with the violence level to match.

About the game.

This is a pure arcade sports game but with a massive rush in action,  you can play various modes from single play quick match to a full franchise mode where you can train the team give them all manner of performance-enhancing drugs to get the competitive edge or simply take on your friends in 4 play local matches.

Currently, £10.79 in the Nintendo store,  click here to purchase.


Its a game without rules and the gameplay is surprisingly hard, it took me a long time to start winning and not just the massive brawls that the game has to offer, but actually winning games. This made the game highly addictive and caused me to lose a massive amount of time thinking spending 5 more minutes would do no harm yet 4 hours later i was still playing.

The franchise mode is where you get the most from the game, controlling and managing a team from the USA to North Korea,  needless to say in this brutal fight I choose the North Korean team to manage.

The tutorial was engaging and showed me the ropes to give me the understanding I needed and tricks to get the team to there fighting best whatever way I could legal and illegal.

Its all about winning, losers do not go home or get the prom queen, you will bring shame on your nation and for this executed by a tank or the ice resurfacers as an example to the nation.

This is all part of the charm this game brings.   Playing Locally with friends will bring out the worst in peoples competitive edge and they will do anything to win the brawls ignoring the fact it’s about winning the game, but when a game is this good who cares.

Normally I would be listing faults but, I struggled to find any and if I got a glitch it felt part of the game and the homage back to the golden days that this game brings.


A game that brings back great memories, but still is a highly competitive and huge value for Money.

Brutal gameplay mixed with classic hockey.

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