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The Last of Us Part II Review

by Matthew Wrightson
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The Last of Us Part II Review – Spoiler free. We have been playing through and about 14 hours in, So here is what we think of the game without spoilers.

We have seen the negative reviews/comments online and as normal we don’t care for these and we be honest about what we think and if its worth spending your hard earned cash.

About the Game/Story

So this is the follow on from the original, set 5 years after the events in Part 1 and this time told from the eyes of Ellie and a new character in the game Abby. the events between the 2 main characters are intertwined.

Following the in-depth play style of the first and with subtle tweaks to the game have improved on the overall feel from the first. I won’t go into the story due to spoilers etc but I will say the story will captivate and draw you in on an emotional rollercoaster which will keep you engage and feeling that you want to just keep going until you complete it.

the last of us 2


This is the charm of TLOU/TLOU2 in that the game pulls you in with a big story that engages and captivates you, with a mix of cut screen and gameplay, scavenging is key to the game with lack of resources and ammo that you have to think about your actions before you move.

Enemies can be around every corner and you can be punished for not thinking. There is a bit of clunkiness in the controls at times but generally, you do not realise it happened until it’s done.

the last of us 2


The graphics have had an improvement on the original but the game still feel the same, with fantastic landscapes and lighting making you feel that the developers took the time to make sure the details were perfect.

The details in the background so not distract from the gameplay and in essence are a beautiful compliment to the game.

the last of us 2


This game is around 20-24 hours long and I can see myself revisiting the game a couple of times to make sure I get all the resource and even do something I never do and that be a trophy hunter. But with no planned DLC this could limit the game for many players.

The Last of Us 2 is available from the PSN store now

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