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The Division 2 Review

by Matthew Wrightson
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Agents we are back, but this time in Washington D.C.

After 28 hours of playing the main game i can say compared to the original The DIvision i can say i am impressed.  However, the game is not perfect there is a couple of issues that i will cover later on in the review.

Firstly lets talk about the story, this is the compelling piece of the jigsaw that pulls you into the game, and i feel this element is great moving around the map to unlock key areas and to create flow. The cut screens can sometimes be long.  

But with the game this is actually a nice break from shooting and a rest on the mind for a couple of minutes.


This is the biggest improvement in the game, compared to the first game which sometimes felt clunky, this is been improved and thought over. No more just run in guns blazing, you need to be strategic and think before going in,  this applies whether you are a 4 man squad or solo.

The enemy is going to unforgiving and it is relentless. The variety of NPC and bosses is amazing from hammer bosses over will run up and 1 hit you, to enemy strapped with bombs who just want to blow you for the face of the earth.

The variety of missions and side requests has a lot to do with ranking up, if you are on for ignoring side missions then forget that strategy as in order to unlock the end game you will need to go full  hog.

The side missions can consist of control point, saving civilians, unlocking settlements the list goes on.


This is a new feature in the game, this is where you need to think loot. What you have and not to just cash in or dismantle like the first game instead you need to think horder.  This is the only where your projects will get done and will upgrade your bases.

Guns, Guns, Guns.

There is a lot of guns and variations to each on,  tip here is find the one you like and stick to it, even if that means using a gun a couple of levels behind where you are ranked, i spent a long time finding one i was happy with and at level 26 i am using a 24 level gun.  But Stay as close to the level you are, and ad attachments and find blueprints to upgrade.

Just a bug

The bad bit.

As i said there is always a couple of bits that hurt the game but not many here. The main one is playing in a squad of 4 if you have higher level players in the group you get a skill boast. However this has issues.  Example playing with a friend who is level 30 my rank jumped to this, however i felted under powered and could be one tapped out with ease. Ubisoft hopefully will look at this.

If you are in someone else group you are visiting there map and on occasion the stuff you do there does not translate back to your map.

Fake walls, just like Trump i found a couple video above.


THis is by far the best game out this year, it was going to have some stiff competition with Anthem however we all know the struggles that game is having and the Division is superior.

9 out of 10.

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