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Two Point Hospital Review

by Matthew Wrightson
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Two Point Hospital Review, Is there a doctor in the house, Two Point Hospital hit console this week and here is our review on the game.

Two Point Hospital Trailer


TPH harks back to the glory days of Theme Hospital, Theme Park etc from the late ’90s and does not disappoint. Where some simulator games go very complex with lots to learn with menus for this, that and the other, 2 point is the opposite its a simple design and UX is a pleasure to behold and makes the gameplay fun yet in-depth.

With lots of different rooms to construct, people to cure, and items to buy the customisation is endless and whether you want the most complex hospital or just and simple design. the game allows you to do this.

Objective completion is key to unlocking new better staff to vending machines.

2 Point Hospital
Two Point Hospital


So being a sim game I was not expecting much here, how mistaken was I, pleasantly surprised I found the cartoon style very well done, and with the ability to zoom right in you can see all the details and even how the Doctors are curing the patients.

2 point Hospital
2 point Hospital


I have put so far around 12 hours into the games, and so far not hit the wall and feel the game gives a lot back and with that feeling that the game is only going to do one thing and that’s entertaining long term. with the level of customisation different scenarios, you won’t go wrong if you want a long term game.

The game does allow the pickup and playability which even if you have a spare 30 mins you can still achieve the entertainment factor

two point Hospital Ghost
two point Hospital Ghost


I was initially afraid that this game you never meet the memories of Theme Hospital and that a reboot would not work, but i was wrong. I have not found any major issues so far, however, there are occasions where a nurse or doctor is a bit stupid with the AI where there cant get to a room even though the path is not blocked.

This will probably get patched at some point and would not detach from the game or fun.

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