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With all the working from home and doom and gloom in the world, we are now going to bring you YouTube Gaming Clips of the Week in collaboration with Mixer streamer Universe_Divide . Vote for the best clip.

As normal I have added my comments below to of the clips, we have Knives, Guns, Rockets and even a grapple hook for good measure.

Starting off with the insane knife kills from Call of Duty Modern Warfare, this guy goes on an absolute rampage of deaths, the other team seems to be crying in the corner against this Terminator player. making you wonder if the other team even knows whats is happening I counted 11 kills before someone gets payback. just complete bonkers of a play.

Second up Fortnite, with a sneaky peek play that ends badly, this player learnt a valuable lesson on physics. Seems like a complete Elmer Fudd moment that even Bugs bunny would be laughing at. Watch the clip and guess the object that stops the play. I’m going with the teacup.

Third up, Apex Legends, a beauty of a Battle Royale game but some times greedy gets the better of us all. Remember kids don’t mess with falling objects. Enough from me, Watch the Video, comments please on the best play in YT and let’s hear your thoughts. Remember it’s all about supporting Streamers and links to follow Universe_Divide are below the video.

Next weeks YouTube Gaming Clips of the Week looks to be a good one, but in the meantime follow below.

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In Other News Kingdom Hearts on PS4

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