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Chicken Rider – an endless runner cartoon also on Nintendo Switch

by Matthew Wrightson
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Ultimate Games S.A. is releasing on Nintendo Switch another game. Chicken Rider is the title of an endless runner genre, which advantages are its dynamic gameplay and light cartoon style. The digital distribution (Nintendo eShop) is set for May 17 this year.

Chicken Rider was created by the Polish studio Red Dev, and Ultimate Games S.A. is the publisher for the Nintendo Switch version. Last year Chicken Rider was also released for PC/Mac (Steam) and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

The game belongs to the endless runner genre, where the player moves forward all the time and it is not possible to stop. In relation to this, Chicken Rider has been based on intuitive, single-key control.

The main character is a polar bear riding on a chicken, which is fighting for the freedom of other animals. Differentiated challenges and locations are awaiting players. The game is also spiced up with special power-ups (e.g. squirrel commando), differentiated outfits and “mounts”.

As the creators explain, their goal was to combine easy to master and addictive gameplay with a characteristic, cartoon-style setting. There are also numerous humorous elements and funny animations throughout the game.

The main features of Chicken Rider:

  • Dynamic and exciting gameplay – it is impossible to stop;
  • 7 different chickens (“mounts”);
  • simple and intuitive control;
  • 8 different locations (including Zone 51 and outer space);
  • Over 70 different outfits;
  • Crazy power-ups (including squirrel commando and tabasco sauce).

The launch date on Nintendo Switch is set for May 17, 2019.

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