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Grimvalor Launches Today!

by Matthew Wrightson
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Time to get Slashing and Dashing on Nintendo Switch – Grimvalor Launches Today!A world full of platforming and exploration awaits discovery.

Finnish game studio Direlight has announced that their award-winning hack-’em-up adventure Grimvalor is launching today for the Nintendo Switch™ console on the Nintendo eShop.

Uncover the truth with fire and steel! Grimvalor is a 2.5D platformer at heart, and wears its character action inspirations on its sleeve. The unique combination of fluid platforming and fast-paced combat makes for hyper-responsive gameplay on the Nintendo Switch console.

Grimvalor for Nintendo Switch includes an all new New Game+ mode, which adds a reimagined world and enemies to challenge even the most experienced players. Nintendo Switch is the first platform to receive this updated version of the game.

The game is available on the Nintendo eShop in the North America, Europe and Australia regions for US$ 12.99 / £ 11.99 / 12.99 € / AU$ 18.99 or the equivalent in other currencies.

Official Homepage: http://grimvalor-game.com

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