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Rally Rock ‘N Racing Nintendo

by Matthew Wrightson
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EnjoyUp Games announces that Rally Rock ‘N Racing will be released today on the Nintendo Switch with a 20% launch discount.

America $7,99   (normally $9.99)
Europe     7,99€ (normally 9.99€)

American website:

European website:

Release date on Friday 28th June 2019

Rally Rock´N Racing
Get ready to skid around at full speed with your family and friends!

In Rally Rock ‘N Racing, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of natural environments, such as deserts, snow-covered mountains, forests… where you can show your skill at the wheel, competing against everyone to become the fastest.

The game has several modes, such as Championship, Time Trial, Arcade and 4-player multiplayer.

Online leader board where you can compare your best times with those of your friends and players from around the world.


– Wide variety of tracks.
– Multi-player with 4 players.
– Realistic driving physics.
– Lots of Rock ‘N Roll music.

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