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Greatest Clips of the Week

by Matthew Wrightson
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Well back with after Greatest Clips of the Week provided in association with Mixer streamer Universe_Divide , We have loot, guns and the odd clutch.

Last weeks winner was my personal favourite the martyrdom Nade drop, that will teach you to be sneaky Pete in Call of Duty.

For this week starting out with the alpha clip, we have a little bit of Apex Legends. with a moral here of never hit a man when he’s down. With the full self res, the man is up running and killing with an awesome clutch for the win.

Staying with Apex for the Beta, we all have that one squadmate who love his loot (i call them a loot Whore) well this one teaches them a lesson not only about flying but loot should be shared.

And finally, we are in COD, imagine 1 v 6 situation, palms are getting sweaty, nerves are up, ma man keeps it cool and devastates the competition.

My Personal Favorite this week is the Loot Whore lesson. but tells us what you think on the comment section in YouTube found here

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