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Greatest clips Part 11

by Matthew Wrightson
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Greatest clips of the week Part 11. We back gaming fans with another edition of Greatest Clips of the Week, provided by Mixer streamer Universe_Divide

Last weeks winner was the Minecraft 2k update and dunk that creeper. well done to you. This week’s clips feature Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fortnite with some alarming deaths.

First, up RDR2 and OMG he hogs tieing someone and teaching the bandits a lesson on manners with a drag through his own campfire and then you can see it coming with a cliff in the background you know how this is going to end.

Next up Fortnite and a little play with the harpoon gun. The enemy fires an RPG at our guy at which point our player fires the Harpoon dragging the foe across the screen and into his own RPG. you can almost see the moment the player realizes that he has just F***ed up.

Finally more Fortnite, but this time its all about the death run, players like stand back i am a professional here and goes for the jump and misses completly plumeting to his death.

As normal you can vote for the best clip in the comments section of YouTube Give Universe_Divide a like and Subscribe, check out his other channels below and his daily Mixer steam

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In other News Hyperparasite Review

We’ll be back next week with more Greatest clips of the week.

In the meantime check out the This week on channel and Greatest Clips Part 11

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