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Greatest clips Part 15

by Matthew Wrightson
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Greatest clips of the week Part 15. We back gaming fans with another edition of Greatest Clips of the Week, provided by YouTube streamer Universe_Divide

Last weeks winner with the sneak 1000 was the Apex Legends Monty Python run away. Great clip.

This week its the best Fails that games can give us with clips from Apex, Rainbow Six Siege and Red Dead.

First, up Apex and our man is dodging, ducking avoiding mortars and then sees a team stands there and shots the 3 players on the other team ain’t got a clue, there like guys we be getting shot. not one of there managers to kill a player standing still with a big sign saying shoot me.

2nd up Six Siege and the that give endless amounts of fails. our guys on defence and blocks the window with the shield, as expected the offence team tries to bust in all like DEA MOFO. realising the way is blocked. DEA guy thinks to throw a nade. now I’m not sure here but window blocked, so throwing a nade will surely bounce of it. not Rocket Science. Well, you can guess the outcome.

Last up and RDR2 and we have a classic western standoff, ready to rumble, smack talk is going and moving in to throw the first punch, and it descends into a drunken, Friday night outside the nightclub fight with punches missing and a fight that’s just all mouth and no glory.

For me this week its the Siege clip for the fails awards.

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In other News Death Stranding

We’ll be back next week with more Greatest clips of the week.

In the meantime check out the This week on channel and Greatest Clips Part 15

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