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Greatest clips Part 16

by Matthew Wrightson
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Greatest clips of the week Part 16. We back gaming fans with another edition of Greatest Clips of the Week, provided by YouTube streamer Universe_Divide

Last weeks winner was the awesome Drive-thru Nade clip on Rainbow Six Siege.

This week we have killer scenery from Jedi Fallen Order and Apex Legends. let’s get straight into it.

First up we are in the Jedi Fallen Order and I do not know what the hell the young Jedi is doing to that fan, it almost needs a censoring block over it.

Next to its Apex and a lesson in physics, now readers remember if the gap looks too small to fit it probably is. Don’t try this at home.

Lastly staying with Apex, its a 3 v 1 situation, the circle is closing and the other team does not know whats going on, the team are getting hit by the circle but not paying attention to the sneaky sniper taking shots almost is if they are thinking the circle is hitting harder than normal. People be aware of their surroundings.

For me this week its the Jedi clips but as you know I don’t make the call that’s down to you guys.

As normal you can vote for the best clip in the comments section of YouTube Give Universe_Divide a like and Subscribe.

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In other News Death Stranding Review

We’ll be back next week with more Greatest clips of the week.

In the meantime check out the This week on channel and Greatest Clips Part 16

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