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Greatest clips Part 22

by Matthew Wrightson
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Greatest clips of the week Part 22. We back gaming fans with another edition of Greatest Clips of the Week, provided by YouTuber Universe_Divide

Last weeks winner was the GTA and invincible smoking sniper clip. Great clip and shows that GTA NPC still won’t take your S***.

This week it’s all about the breach and clear with clips from games Fortnite, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and Rainbow Six Seige.

First up Six Seige, and our player is setting up to re-enforce the wall and all of a sudden it explodes WTF just happened clearly someone did not check for C4 before trying to put a wall up.

Fortnite up next, and when you hear the sound of a pickaxe its time to lay a trap. clearly whoever was trying to smash through did not hear the trap being set. moral listen to everything.

Last up its those Jedi’s and this time its the wheel of doom, most people would have just given up but our player is having none of the games S*** and just goes with the flow.

For me this week has to be the Fortnite just for the pure cheek of the play.

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In other News Death Stranding Review

We’ll be back next week with more Greatest clips of the week.

In the meantime check out the This week on channel and Greatest Clips Part 22

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