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Greatest Clips Part 6

by Matthew Wrightson
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Greatest clips of the week Part 6. We back gaming fans with another edition of Greatest Clips of the Week, provided by Mixer streamer Universe_Divide

Last weeks winner was the classic what happens when you don’t follow the green cross code in GTA V, Remember STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing the road.

This week we have Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Apex Legends and Gears of War, a complete mix.

First up a little bit of Star Wars, and when the force just won’t work against wildlife. Just like a David Attenborough documentary the predator sees his prey and boom.

Second and Gears of War and something from one of those safety videos of the ’80s (yes I’m old) about playing on the train lines as you never hear the trains coming. Train 1 – COG 0

And last up Apex, and the silent assassins known as a sniper with an absolute cheeky snipe on a respawn victim, this is probably one of the best snipes I have seen in a while and my pick for this week.

As normal you can vote for the best clip in the comments section of YouTube Give Universe_Divide a like and Subscribe, check out his other channels below and his daily Mixer steam

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In other News Hyperparasite Review

We’ll be back next week with more Greatest clips of the week.

In the meantime check out the This week on channel and Greatest Clips Part 6

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