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Eternity: The Last Unicorn lands on Xbox

by Matthew Wrightson
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Embracing action-RPG mechanics of yore like its fixed camera perspective, and mixing in deep skill and weapon progression spurred on by player exploration, Eternity: The Last Unicorn encourages players to lose themselves in the land of Alfheim. Drawing upon rich, Nordic folklore, from gods and mythology, to fearsomely iconic creatures like Jökul the Jotun and Gullveig the Witch, this is the perfect excuse to brush up on your rune readings!

Over the course of your journey, you’ll search for the last unicorn, a wondrous creature that has been cursed, putting the long-standing immortality of the elven people at risk. Taking up arms as two unique characters – Aurehen, the young elf and Bior, the fierce viking – the future of elven society rests on your shoulders as you seek to lift this curse. Take up your bow or shield, wrap yourself in a cloak of nostalgia, and get ready to strike out into the untamed wilds!

Eternity The last unicorn

Key Features:

  • Two playable characters: The young elf, Aurehen, and the Viking, Bior – each with a unique backstory and character abilities.
  • Over 12 hours of deep action-RPG gameplay to explore
  • Fixed camera system reminiscent of old-school RPGs
  • Skill, weapon, and ability progression tied into exploration and character growth
  • Explore the large and beautiful realm of Vanaheim, a universe and culture inspired by Nordic folklore
  • An original soundtrack built to convey both the Nordic and fantastical themes of Eternity
  • Experience firsthand the kindness and wrath of the Gods of Nordic Mythology

Eternity: The Last Unicorn releases on Xbox One on April 16th and is out now on PC and PS4. For more information on the game

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